lego-serious-play-1lego-serious-play-2LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is designed to help build vision for the future, creating strategy in a collaborative and inclusive way.

Used to facilitate group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem-solving and decision making, Lego® Serious Play® is based on research experimentation and finding new ways to face challenges, to do things in a different way to get different results. It’s a tool that unlocks ideas and creative thinking, based around 3D metaphors. The context of play encourages people to discover and learn – thinking with their hands. Rex Associates are certified providers of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method workshop/meeting design and facilitation.

It’s a good idea to use Lego Serious Play for:

    • Business Process Management
    • Merger & Acquisition
    • Market Analysis
    • SWAT Analysis
    • Value Proposition & Value Added
    • Business Strategy & Vision
    • Team & Employee Development
    • Culture Change & Organisational Change
    • Innovation, Ideation & Product Design
    • Business Alignment

When you experience a facilitated LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® meeting or workshop, you will see that the LEGO® bricks serve as a common language that anyone can use, revealing more insight and knowledge. Meetings stay on the topic because the focus is on the bricks, not on people and discussion can become intense without creating conflict. Everyone will benefit from greater understanding and faster and better communication. And because everyone is actively involved in the decision process, each is more likely to commit the decisions afterwards.

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