Having pegs in the right holes improves operational activities
Having pegs in the right holes improves operational activities

Background and Challenge

Directors of a group of companies with a high sales turnover were becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress in their business operations, so requested support from Rex Associates in overcoming the barriers they faced.

Our Approach

Structured meetings were held individually with the Directors and selected employees over a period of three days, resulting in a comprehensive report being provided to the Board within eight days. The report included solutions and recommendations to make a substantial impact on the future success of the operations.

Working through the recommendations in the report, we helped the Directors to plan how to make the changes needed for a successful outcome, meeting up at regular intervals to monitor, support and guide them to a very successful outcome.


  • Increased operational output
  • Greater alignment of capabilities and skills to job roles
  • Increased efficiencies across departments
  • Improved communications
  • Greater ownership of responsibilities
  • Improved moral, focus and direction
  • Reduced staff turnover