Ideal team built through creative play
Ideal team built through creative play

Background and Challenge

Facing the challenges in the future of professional organisations a departmentalised regional law firm wanted to develop a team culture within the organisation, so requested to experience Lego Serious Play through Rex Associates to identify what a team should look and act like in their organisation.

Our Approach

A half-day Lego® Serious Play® session was designed for the practice aimed at encouraging the group of participants to reach unanimity on what being a team meant and to commit to developing that team culture throughout the business.

By creating metaphors with the bricks, all the participants were able to safely identify behaviours, values and attitudes involved in being a team and reach consensus they could commit to.


  • Participants were able to gain invaluable insight into each other’s perceptions, taking into account everyone’s thoughts and views, in a way that was totally non-threatening
  • Practice Partners are able to establish clear behaviours, values and attitudes in the future development of team culture in their practice and know what to do to achieve it
  • The practice established a clearly defined route enabling it to move forward