On hand to help you and your business
On hand to help you and your business

plan-a-1 plan-a-2 PLAN A CONSULTANCY offers advice and coaching with a qualified experienced consultant to develop a specific area of your business.

It’s a consultancy service tailored to your requirements ranging from start-up to exit strategy. Whether you want a sounding board for ideas or looking for solutions to complex situations, help is on hand.

PLAN A CONSULTANCY is designed for individual business needs, when you want them, where you want them; a cost-effective professional resource that makes a real difference to your business.

Our collaborative ethos brings together a wealth of expertise from professional, highly experienced people who have a comprehensive understanding of what works in business and how this translates to success; providing impartial, objective and highly focused input.

Contact Alison on 01522 850622, 0770 1049 954 or email info@rexassociates.co.uk.