SAC Engineering Consultancy
SAC Engineering Consultancy

Steve Cook has a wealth of experience spanning over 40+ years working with steam boilers from 1 to 40 tonnes/hour (1,000 to 90,000 lbs/hr) and all aspects of commercial heating plant.  A safe and reliable professional. Steve is able monitor all the individual aspects that affect the whole boiler house, from efficiency and emissions to safety and environmental effects. Where possible, will take direct action to improve performance or recommend the most cost effective action. Steve also monitors and logs the effects of the action to physically and financially quantify improvements.

Services include:

  • Industrial boiler and burner commissioning, fault finding and trouble-shooting on gas, oil, wood or coal fired burners and all control equipment.
  • Fault finding and problem solving service on boiler house plant as well as routine maintenance and technical assistance.
  • Training for boiler house operational and maintenance personnel.

He is able to achieve improvements and savings by:

  • Observing and monitoring present boiler plant operation and financial costs
  • Objective consideration of individual plant requirements and characteristics
  • Management and controlled implementation of viable economic changes
  • Monitoring and adjustment as necessary to maintain optimum performance to suit changing factors